T+L Readers Love This Exclusive Resort Set on One of Hawaii’s Most Secluded Islands — Read Our Review


By Sarah Sekula, published on travelandleisure.com

For me, the Four Seasons Resort Lanai conjures up memories of lounging in the jacuzzi with whales breaching in the distance, homemade popsicles in hand, and fresh seafood eaten off a tray table in my lounge chair. In other words, full-on vacation mode. That said, it’s easy to see why I was downright giddy to experience this hotel again in June.

Courtesy of Four Seasons.

Rather than taking the passenger ferry from Maui, where I’ve lived for the past four years, I flew in on an eight-passenger jet via Lanai Air from Honolulu, as — a nice perk — flights are included in your stay. With access to the luxury lounge and no TSA lines, I felt like a VIP before even reaching the resort.

A friendly hotel driver met me at the airport and drove me along windy roads lined with Cook Pines (think: extra-tall Christmas tree). After turning down Highway 440 South, Manele Bay came into view along with the 35-acre Four Seasons Resort Lanai and its botanical gardens.

“There’s a sanctuary-esque type of feel that you get here,” says Juan Leonis, resort manager. “We get this comment quite a lot when people do come here; it’s that they’re truly able to disconnect, that they are truly able to breathe and relax as this is not situated on one of the bigger islands or, the more populated islands.”

About 140 square miles, Lanai is home to about 3,000 residents, one school, and a lot of beauty. There are no highrises, no chain restaurants, and no stoplights. Travelers who visit Lanai do so for its rugged landscapes and quiet coastlines. You score the same dreamy views as the other Hawaiian islands, minus the crowds.

Courtesy of Four Seasons.

One thing I enjoy about the Four Seasons is the focus on customer service. Nearly all the staff members know your name and your dietary preferences, and employees continually try to add special touches to your trip.

“We had a couple that was married here 10 years ago, and our sous chef, Nick, instead of just saying, ‘Oh, what would you like for the night?’ the team actually recreated their dishes from their wedding,” says Leonis.

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