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Bump up your coolness factor with a retro vehicle on your next vacation

By Sarah Sekula, published in USA TODAY’s GoEscape magazine

Road-tripping on Hawaii’s island of Maui is a no-brainer: You’ve got hundreds of miles of coastline, jagged cliffs straight out of Jurassic Park and rolling lavender fields. It’s several microclimates all perfectly packaged on one small island. 

Now imagine cruising along, taking in those scenes in an arctic blue, two-seat convertible. More specifically, a 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster 

reproduction. And voila, the trip is instantly more appealing. That’s what I’m banking on, at least, when I show up at Maui Roadsterson the south side of the island. 

On the outside, the flashy car, appropriately named Mano (Hawaiian for shark) is sleekly silver. In different lighting, however, it can appear blue. Inside, there’s a sporty red interior and a wood-grain steering wheel. 

I am easily transported to a time before self-driving Teslas, backup cameras and seat warmers were a thing. View the full story here.