These hips don’t lie

Hot Hula dance class in Orlando is the ultimate workout


By Sarah Sekula

Hula dancing, it goes without saying, is embarrassing for newbies like me. My hips swaying to and fro, my belly shaking like nobody’s business and my lanky arms flailing in unfamiliar directions. It’s not a pretty sight. Good thing there’s no audience at Studio K, an entertainment facility featuring the largest offering of dance classes for adults in Central Florida.

Instead, it’s a group of a dozen women of varying ages and one token male all attempting the same thing. We’re participating in the latest dance/workout trend — hot hula. In other words, a total body workout that lasts about 60 minutes and leaves you sweaty and satisfied. In other words, it’s a full hour of barefooted me shaking my bum to the beat of traditional Polynesian drums with a bit of Reggae music throw in.

As a result, I’m burning tons of calories, not only because I’m sweating up a storm, but also due to my constant case of the giggles. The goal, I learn, is to not move anything above your belly button, except for your arms, of course. In turn, your quads are doing all the work and your core is benefiting. Note: You may have trouble walking the next day.

The popular workout, inspired by the dance moves of the South Pacific Islands, incorporates easy-to-perform movements that isolate larger muscle groups, which, in turn, increases muscular strength and helps tone your abs, glutes, quads and arms.

Right now, if you’re craving a little hip action of your own, Studio K is the only place to do it. According to owner Kristin Weissman, they provide the only Hot Hula classes in Florida. Beyond that, you’ve got the choice of 200 styles of dance and dance fitness, including zumba, hip hop/breakdancing, contemporary/lyrical, hoop dancing, salsa aerobics, musical theater, flash mob cardio and ballroom fitness. What are you waiting for?

Take a look at these videos to get an idea of what you’re in for:,8599,1925330,00.html Studio K 12211 Regency Village Drive, Ste. 8, Orlando, FL 32821 407-238-0005