Get your national park fix

There are two fee-free weekends in April


By Sarah Sekula

Yassssss! National Park Week is right around the corner. That means, from April 15-16 and 22-23 all national parks will have free admission. So, make this your excuse to go check out that park you’ve been dying to go to. Spring is the best time to discover a new hair-raising spot because there are not hordes of people around.

Here are some ways to celebrate the freebie weekends:

Visit a lesser known national park: 
Beyond sites like Yellowstone and Yosemite, there are 415-plus national parks across the country. Check out The Places Nobody Knows Guide to spark some travel ideas.

Join the National Park Foundation
As the official charity of the National Park Service, NPF is made up of passionate national park enthusiasts who share a common love for our national parks.

The National Park Service protects more than 80 million acres of US soil – National Park Week is the perfect time to say thank you and pitch in.

Check something off your bucket list: 
From sandboarding to a cross-country road trip, national parks are the perfect location for them all.

Get outside and #FindYourPark
There is no arguing that spending time outside has physical and mental health benefits so take time to enjoy America’s national parks – they belong to everyone. Whatcha waiting for? Go #FindYourPark!

For other fee-free days, click here.