Vacation ideas for turning 6 childhood dreams into reality


By Sarah Sekula, published on

During our younger years we dream on a grand scale. We imagine mastering the stealth mode of a ninja warrior or becoming a rockstar. But, sadly, as we age, we let go of some of those wild ideas. The good news is: you don’t have to. There are loads of epic excursions around the globe that will have you feeling nostalgic in no time.

“People used to be content with passively watching or seeing, but these days they realize how fulfilling it is to actually participate, and they are hungry for more direct and visceral ways to remember their journeys,” says Brigitte Crumpler, a specialist with Audley Travel, a company specializing in tailor–made journeys around the globe. “It also ties in with the drive for self improvement, expanding the comfort zone and challenging oneself that is part of modern culture.”

That said, here are six ways to dive right back into your childhood:

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