Who loves their job?


Published in the Calgary Sun, By Tag Goulet

With another Valentine’s Day approaching, I asked people to share what they love about their jobs. Here are just a few of the almost 200 responses I received:

Pet Photographer: “I can’t believe I get PAID to do this for a living. But my favorite thing to do is actually something I don’t get paid to do – I take headshots for rescue dogs. It makes my heart sing knowing that my little contribution is helping in the adoption of dogs that are desperately waiting for their loving homes.” – Grace Chon, www.shinepetphotos.com

Public Relations for Yelp: “I essentially act as the unofficial mayor of Calgary — a ‘tastemaker’ of the city. I throw parties and get to check out all of the coolest businesses throughout Calgary; from new restaurants to amazing spas and the hottest bars. I am grateful to have a job that inspires others to explore all that the city has to offer!” – Kristen Whisenand, www.yelp.ca

Law Librarian: “I was an avid Nancy Drew reader as a little girl and I always tell people that’s why I love my job — I get to be a detective but I don’t have to carry a gun or rough-up bad guys. It makes my day to be able to find elusive information, especially when someone tells me ‘it’s not on the web, I’ve already looked’.” – Dorene S. Smith, www.aterwynne.com

Travel Writer: “When I’m not zigzagging around the planet -¬ carving up Costa Rican waves, floating through water-filled caves of Belize or roaming remote jungles of India -¬ I’m writing about my adventures, the environment, fitness, health/wellness, extraordinary people and social injustice issues.” – Sarah Sekula, www.sarahsekula.com

Pediatric Physical Therapist: “It’s humbling, exhilarating and a thousand other positive things when helping children with special needs learn how to move and walk. I am so grateful to be part of their lives and all that they teach me every day.” – Michael J. Workman PT,www.professionaltherapies.com

On-Air Personality: “Radio makes people laugh, smile and forget about their problems. I listen to music, talk to my friends (the listeners) and have fun while doing it. Occasionally I have the blessed opportunity to make someone’s day better.” – Christina Rowsell, www.lite959.com

Furniture Finisher: “I love the wood, and feel a relationship with each new piece. I can get into a zen like zone and just lose myself in the joys of caressing the wood — plus, the beauty of the finished product is a satisfying reward.” – Brenda Foehrkolb, www.ortizstudios.com

Labor Delivery Nurse: “What I love about my job is the unique opportunity to bring new life into the world. Each day I get to go home feeling like I have made a difference in somebody’s life.” – Sarah Tsouvalas, RN, Beverly Hospital, MA

Magician: “Every day I get to make the impossible happen for people. Magic has the unique ability of reminding us that everything is not as it seems, and it remains one of the last vestiges of childhood wonder.” – Gregory Green, www.magicmanstl.com

Professional Thrifter: “Every weekend I get to wake up and shop to my heart’s content searching for treasure and valuable items. I sometimes save items that might be destined for the landfill and find a home where the vintage item will be loved and cared for.” – Selena Cate, www.apronthriftgirl.typepad.com

Children’s Book Author: “I research interesting people and invent stories that make me laugh as I write. I’m treated like a rock star when I visit schools. I’ve received letters telling me that a book I wrote was exactly what a child needed at a particular time.” – Audrey Vernick, www.audreyvernick.com

Rock Climbing Guide: “I help my guest realize their dreams of getting outdoors and enjoying awesome summits and views while making memories with their friends and families. And my office space among the granite spires and pine trees is better then any penthouse corner office in any city in the world.” – Daryl Stisser, www.sylvanrocks.com

Psychiatrist: “I have the incredible opportunity and privilege of working with people in their time of need. I’m a psychiatrist not a judge, and am simply interested in why people do what they do. To have them let me in is remarkable.” – Joseph Shrand, MD www.castlekids.org and Instructor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School

Piano Teacher: “Seeing a child’s eyes light up and the smile growing is the best reward! As a student realizes he is finding the right note making a beautiful sound, creating something unique, entertaining, performing, improving, having fun learning is my greatest joy as a piano teacher.” – Vera Stanfield, San Diego

Wedding Planner: “I help couples during the happiest time of their lives. I turn wedding dreams into reality. I live Valentine’s Day everyday. Is there anything more incredible than having a career focused on love?” – Judith Cohen, www.BrandywineValleyWeddings.com

If you are still looking for a job you will love, in a future column I’ll share some superb advice from Curt Rosengren, a “Passion Catalyst”www.passioncatalyst.com (coach, author, and speaker) who specializes in helping people love their work. In the meantime, I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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